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Crosses and Crucifixes

19th Century Mexican Crucifix (standing)
19th Century Mexican Crucifix (standing) 
Catalog #2306-RSG1
29"x 13"
$1495 USD

Explore a sampling of our Mexican, Peruvian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, and European crosses and crucifixes made of wood, painted glass, painted wood, ceramic pottery, and metal. Click an image to see an enlargement.

Do you collect crosses? 

Mi Casa Gallery has an extensive, varied and unique selection of crosses and crucifixes which can either enhance your private collection or be chosen as a gift for a special occasion.


Our Crosses and Crucifixes Collection

Shown on this page are examples of some of the Crosses and Crucifixes in the Mi Casa collection. Our mix of vintage and modern crosses includes a Mexican standing crosses, a 19th Century Mexican Crucifix, Painted Wood Crosses by Ronald Kowlaski (a New Mexico artist), Mexican Milagro Crosses, Ethiopian Coptic Crosses, Talavera Pottery Crosses and assorted painted wood wall crosses.

To make a purchase or for more information, please call Mi Casa at (512) 707-9797, or email us at



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