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Mexican Folk Art - Aguilar Family Figurines 
Mexican folkart ceramic figurines by the Aguilar family, including "Ladies of the Night" by Josefina and Madonas by Josefina and Guillermina

Ladies of the Night by Josefina Aguilar, Ceramic Figurines made in Mexico that humorously depict the culture of Mexico
"Ladies of the Night" by Josefina
Folkart Ceramic figurines
6" - 7"
$65 USD each

Mexican Madonas by Josefina and Guillermina Aguilar, Ceramic Madonas made in Mexico by the Aguilar family
Madonas by Josefina and Guillermina
L to R: 7" by Josefina - $65 USD; 8" by Josefina - $75 USD
5" by Guillermina - $35 USD

Funeral by Guillermina, A set of 15 ceramic figurines by Guillermina Aguilar
Funeral by Guillermina
Set of 15 ceramic figurines
$350 USD

Angels by Guillermina Aguilar, Mexican ceramic folk art figurines of angels
Angels by Guillermina
Folk art ceramic figurines
$28 USD each

Customers at Mi Casa Gallery are in love with  our collection of whimsical figurines Mexican folkart ceramic figurines by members of the Aguilar family, including "Ladies of the Night" by Josefina Aguilar.

The Aguilar family from Ocotlán, Oaxaca, Mexico has a long tradition of creating imaginative and humorous decorative figurines that have graced homes and museums all over the world. These capricious, brightly colored figures depict cultural traditions and scenes from everyday life in Mexico.

The folkart form was created by Dona Isaura Alcantara Diaz who died in 1969 at the age of 44. Her children - Guillermina, Josefina, Irene, Concepcion, and Jesus - her grandchildren, and Josefina's husband Jose have carried on the tradition.



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