Mexican Retablos and Santos for sale, Religious Art from Mexico and Latin America including Retablos, Santos, Laminas, Ex-Votos, Nichos, Votive devotional and other religious art pieces are for sale at Mi Casa Gallery in Austin, Texas


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Retablos, Santos, and Votive Art
Retablos for Sale: Group 1 Group 2

Mexican Retablos for Sale, Retablos de Mexico
Coronation of the Virgin (Mary Crowned by Trinity)
Catalog #17-1142
$3000 USD

Mi Casa Gallery has one of the finest collections of Latin America religious art and Mexican Retablos in the United States. We offer a unique line of Retablos and other devotional art for sale, mainly from Mexico, consisting of antique paintings of Christian icons inspired by European masters. These paintings of oil on tinplate, copper, wooden "tablas" and canvas are called retablos santos, laminas, ex-votos. Rare votive art forms such as the ones in our collection were commissioned by faithful Roman Catholics and created by gifted local artists, many of whom had little formal artistic training. They were placed in private homes and chapels

Retablos is a word derived from Latin meaning "artwork of a religious or biblical theme," such as objects found "retro" (behind) the "tabula" (altar) in churches and cathedrals throughout Mexico. In the 18th and 19th century, many citizens of the central highlands in Mexico were encouraged to place small votive images of the Holy Family, patron saints and martyrs on the walls of their homes or places of business as an act of faith.

Additional votive art for sale at Mi Casa include santos or bultos (wood carved statues and ceramic figures) and nichos (frames, shadow boxes and glass cabinets with religious images).

Mi Casa has assembled one of the largest collections of museum quality votive art available in the Southwest. We also have vintage crucifixes and crosses, medallions, and rosaries.

Explore a sampling of our Mexican Retablos,  Santos, and Votive Art Collection.  Click an image to see an enlargement.

Russian Jesus of Nazareth
19th Century Wooden Mexican Crucifix  


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